School Chaplaincy

School Chaplaincy

Zoar is pleased to be part of an ecumenical chaplaincy which meets every lunchtime during term time at Ellowes Hall Sports College

The chaplains have a designated room where the young people can come to chat about anything that may be concerning them.

The chaplaincy has been in place for many years now and is well established. The headteacher has spoken previously about the value of the chaplaincy to the school and the pupils in particular.

Some of the young people have found additional support from a group called 'Cherish' where they have been encouraged to understand their true value and self worth.

The role of the Chaplaincy

The Chaplains are local church leaders who are in school on a rota basis each weekday at lunchtime. We are available to all students and staff (and their families). Our primary purpose is to be "a listener" or a sounding board for them. So we get to share the joys and sorrows which they bring to us. We give advice, where appropriate, based on our own life experience and walk of faith together with our Biblical knowledge. We often pray with those who come to talk with us.

We get to lead School Assemblies - often to coincide with and highlighting the major Christian festivals. We are also invited to bring a christian perspective into some of the general curriculum subjects including History, English and RE. Some of the team are regularly welcomed into discussion sessions with the 6th Form Students.

One exciting development is that the School Chaplains are currently producing "Good Morning Ellowes" a video two minute 'Thought for the Day' for every day of the school term. This is 'broadcast' into each tutor group at the start of every school day via the school intranet.!

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