Death and Dying

Death is one of the most certain things about life and yet remains one of the hardest and most difficult things to understand or come to terms with. If a loved one has suffered or dies young we are often left with many questions and wonder how we will cope.

As a church we want to help or support in any way that we can.


If you would like someone to visit you or a loved one then please contact us.

Funeral Service

The minister is available to take services at both the church and the crematorium. This would normally involve a visit at your home to meet and discuss arrangements with you. Although a funeral is always a sad and difficult time it is also an opportunity to give thanks and celebrate the life of the one who has died. If you need any help or advice then do get in touch.

Memorial Service

Every year in December we hold a memorial service to remember loved ones. You can find out more about this here. 

Meeting Others

There are a number of people who come to Zoar who have experienced the loss of loved ones. Whilst every experience is different and no one really knows how we feel ourselves, there are many who have found help and support from sharing experiences with others. We are all made up of body, mind and spirit and death sometimes reminds us of our own spiritual needs. Attending a service of worship can often touch us at a spiritual level. Perhaps you would find it helpful to attend a service. Even if you have not been to church for a while, you are welcome to come along.

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